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Music Interests

This is a page where I write a little about my musical interests in terms of what I like to listen to. To a considerable extent this tends to evolve as time goes on and new stuff is written and performed. I've put a few videos into this page to allow you to listen to a few of the songs that I have recently grown to like. The videos are actually hosted by YouTube so they should work for most people and for most types of computers and devices.

I've been watching Japanese Anime during the past few years and while a lot of music from animes is forgettable there are also a few gems that I have grown to like. Here are a few examples of these.

This is "Yunoha no Mori" (Yunoha"s Forest) which is the end song of the second half of the anime "Aquarion Evol":

This is the end song of the first season of the Anime "AKB0048":

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