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Book Store

These are the books that I have written and the places where you can buy them.

I currently have 4 different distribution channels for the ebooks that I have published and I am looking to add more all of the time.

Amazon Kindle Store

  1. The Last of His Kind $2.95
  2. The planet Venda has been destroyed, the surface seared and the atmosphere blasted away as a result of the final assault by the alien Morro. Of all the inhabitants of Venda there was only one survivor of the devastated planet, Mev Van Zehe, away serving in the Interstellar Republic Space Navy.
  3. A New Begining (The Last of His Kind) $3.00
  4. This is a continuation of the story of Mev Van Zehe, the last High Lord of Venda. Mev and his companions strike out on their own with their own newly constructed ship.
  5. Printed Circuit Board Assembly $1.00

  6. Soldering Electronic Components 2nd Edition $1.00
  7. This book is an manual on the proper way to solder in electronics. The author provides information about the best way to solder or repair common types of soldered connections found in electronic equipment. Revised and expanded.
  8. Worlds of Probability $1.95
  9. Jason Fowler invents a machine that allows him to travel between different timelines. Ever wonder what would happen if some historical event happened different than what actually did happen? Jason finds out.

In order to download and read these books you will need an Amazon Kindle or Kindle Reader program:

The second distribution channel that I use for my books is Smashwords. This site allows you to buy directly from their site in a number of different formats, including PDF which allows you to read my books on your PC without a special reader program. I am also a member of their affliate system so if you click the link above and buy one or more of their books I will still get a portion of that.
  1. the Last of His Kind $2.95
  2. A New Begining $3.00
  3. Worlds of Probability $1.95
  4. Soldering Electronic Components 2nd Edition $1.00
  5. Printed Circuit Board Assembly $1.00

The prices are the same on Smashwords as they are on Amazon.

The third distribution channel I use for my books is Barnes & Noble Nook.

  1. A New Begining $3.00
  2. Worlds of Probability $1.95
  3. Soldering Electronic Components $1.00
  4. Printed Circuit Board Assembly $1.00

Books for the Nook are the same price as on Amazon and Smashwords.