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The Richard Buttars Home Page

Welcome to my personal web site. I have created this site to tell people about my personal and professional interests as well as a place where people can go to communicate with me. It also provides me with some opportunity to practice XHTML and PHP development on a live web site. This site is always under construction and I will be updating it fairly frequently so please check back often.

At the top of the page you will see a menu that you can use to navigate to some of the other features of my site. If you want to send me an email you can use the contact link which will send you to a form page you can use to write your email. You can use the blog link if you would like to read my blog.

I have been working as a software engineer for more than ten years in the areas of Windows programming, medical devices, and industrial control. My favorite programming language is C++ but I have used a number of other ones over the years including PHP which I am using on this web site. As I get things more organized I will be adding links and downloads of examples of my work so that you can get a real idea of some of the things I can do.

Please tell all your friends about my site!

Here is a list of some of the things I am interested in, with links to pages giving more about them:

I'm also using this site as a platform for my experiments in web technologies and on occasions when I have something of that nature that I feel is ready to be seen in public I will provide a link to it. And once I have something to the point where it is working well and I like it I will move it to my other more commercial web sites. I will be working with a combination of applications available from my web hosting provider as well as code that I have written myself.

I have a number of Internet Domains besides this one which I use for various different purposes, some experimental and some commercial. I've been on the internet in some way pretty much since the time when it was released for private and commercial use. I still remember going to see a demo of the first web browser program before most people knew there was such a thing.

I served six years in the United States Navy as an electronics technician working on radio, radar, and computer equipment. I entered the Navy in their advanced electronics program where you go to school for two years and then serve in the fleet for four years. Since I had 3 years of Marine Corps JROTC in high school it was easy to make the transition into the real military, even though I enlisted when I was 17.

I am also interested in languages and linguistics and I spend some of my time working to learn more about languages that interest me. In addition there are several aspects of linguistics that interest me, such as the way humans respond to sounds and the relationship of different languages to each other. In fact it is the interrelationship between different languages that make it easier for me to learn a new language.

I have started working on monetizing this site both for learning as well as perhaps earning a bit to help pay the expenses. I've joined Amazon Associates and you will see a variety of ads and links around the site associated with this. I've chosen Amazon for this because I already have a relationship with them - they're one of the distribution channels for my books. At least at first I will try to set things up so that the ads are relavent to the subject of the page being displayed.

If you are considering buying something from Amazon please consider doing so via my site. You will be helping me and I am pretty sure you won't be paying any more than you otherwise would on Amazon. If I don't have the specific product you are interested in specifically advertised here then please just click the banner above. I will be adding more as I go along but the banners will be the default.

I have Wordpress installed on this site to provide blogging capability. In addition I am also using Wordpress to provide specific services to the non-blogging areas of the site, such as the contact forms on this page. doing it that way makes it easier to add the CAPCHA to the forms so that I don't get so much spam.

One of the things I am also doing is setting up a series of web sites to act as demos for the different web technologies that I know how to use, including this one. In general I am looking to have at least each domain use a specific technology, though I might make a sub-domain to show off something specific.

Here is a list of links to some of my sites with the web technology they are implemented with:

  1. (this site) - PHP
  2. - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  3. PadPalace - Wordpress

I will be adding additional sites implemented using other technologies not specified above in the near future. When I do I will add a link to it in the list above.

Suggestion Box

If there is something you would like me to put on this site or something that you think needs to be changed you can tell me about it by clicking the link above.

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